How to get started with MyAcademicID?

Here is a quick summary of the key points about deliverables and outcomes of the project.

Towards implementing the European student eID

The conference will present how project deliverables support the digital transformation of the Erasmus+ programme and present how higher education institutions can engage in this process.

National Workshop in Spain. Implementing a European Student eID

The last of the MyAcademicID national workshops was held on the 13th November, focusing on the project deployment in the Spanish context.

Building a European student identifier: why? How?

The French conference of the European MyAcademicID project was online on November 12, 2020.

MyAcademicID was funded by the Connecting Europe Facility programme in 2019-2020 in the context of the European Student Card initiative and delivered on the core promise to enable students to authenticate for their studies abroad using their home student account thanks to eduGAIN, connect their academic identities with their identities as natural persons thanks to the bridge with eIDAS national nodes and enable the once-only principle by introducing the European Student Identifier.

The project resulted in the creation of an identity and access management platform combining both eIDAS and eduGAIN for the authentication on e-services related to the Erasmus+ programme (such as Erasmus+ App or the Online Learning Agreement).

The impact of the implementation of the platform on e-services related to Erasmus+ combined with release of the European Student Identifier via eduGAIN and Erasmus Without Paper will considerably reduce the administrative workload on staff and students.

The project results will be further developed by the consortium partners of the European Digital Student Service Infrastructure project and higher education institutions are invited to start implementing first results (LINK SECTION BELOW) in the context of the European Student Card initiative.


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